Jude O’Loughlin Dip. Arch., B. Arch. Sc., Dip. Arb., FCIArb, FRIAI.

NDBA Architects,

7 Harcourt Street,

Dublin 2. 

Contact Details

Ph +353 (1) 4789009

Email Jude.oloughlin@ndba.ie

Web http://www.ndba.ie/


Diploma in Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology. Dip. Arch.1982

Bachelor of Architectural Science, Trinity College Dublin. B. Arch. Sc. 1982

Member Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland 1986

Diploma in Arbitration. Dip. Arb 2010 CIArb Membership 2010

Fellow Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland 1986

CIArb Fellowship 2014

Joint CIArb/RIAI/ACEI/EI/SCS Adjudication Conversion Course 2014

Career History

1982 – 1988 Fitzgerald Reddy Associates Architects

1988 – 2005 Partner Niall D Brennan Associates Architects

2005 – 2016 Director NDBA Architects

Positions Held

Partner Niall D Brennan Associates Architects

Director NDBA Architects

Member RIAI Practice Division 1992 – present; Chairman 1994

Member Construction Industry Liaison Committee 1994 – present;

Chairman Construction Industry Liaison Committee 1996 and 2014. 


I am a practising Architect and contract administrator since 1982 and have a detailed working knowledge of standard construction contracts in Ireland including GCCC Public Works forms. I have never administered a contract that fell into any form of dispute; Conciliation, Mediation, Law or Arbitration. I have gained considerable experience through voluntary committee work on behalf of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) from 1994 to the present day and continue as Chairman of the RIAI Practice Sub-Committee C dealing with contractual matters.

I have served as an RIAI Representative on the Construction Industry Liaison Committee since 1994 acting as Chairman in 1996 and 2014. I have provided Expert Witness services since 2004.

 I am a member of the RIAI Panel of Arbitrators and Conciliators since 2010. I have been nominated and appointed Arbitrator in 5 No. Arbitrations carried out under the Arbitration Act 2010. I have been nominated Conciliator in 9 No. disputes including 2 No. under Clause 13 of the GCCC Public Works Contracts. I have acted as a party adviser in several arbitrations. I am a member of the Adjudication Society Ireland Region.